Admissions Policy

The Avenue CofE Primary School will be non-selective, co-educational and as an inclusive school it will be open to all children from all backgrounds. Students from families of all faiths and no faith will be able to gain admission. The Admissions Policy will keep in line with the national Schools Admissions Code and related legislation.

The Admissions Policy for The Avenue CofE Primary School will satisfy requirements of the School Admissions Code, the School Admissions Appeals Code and admissions law. Our admissions process will be inclusive, open, fair and transparent.

The new school will have 2 forms of entry with 30 pupils per form, giving a Planned Admissions Number (PAN) of 60. Each year 60 pupils will be admitted to Reception subject to demand and subject to the judgements of an independent appeals panel. As such, when at full capacity the school will have 240 pupils.

In accordance with the law, children with statements of Special Educational Need or with an Education Health and Care Plan will be admitted to the school where the Local Authority has specifically named The Avenue CofE Primary School as the most appropriate placement. In the event of there being greater demand than there are places available to the school, places will be offered using over subscription criteria in keeping with the School Admissions Code.